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14 Sep 2021
Real Estate - Portugal
Lisbon and Porto, the best cities to live, visit and invest
The two cities distinguished themselves in first place in the various categories analyzed, in a year in which quality of life gained importance for residents.

The municipalities of Lisbon and Porto are the best for living, visiting and doing business, according to the seventh edition of the “Bloom Consulting Portugal” ranking prepared by Bloom Consulting.

This annual study does not consider 'any qualitative or opinion variable' and is based exclusively on quantitative data, such as official statistics, online surveys, performance of websites and social networks of local authorities, etc., which classify the performance of brands from 308 Portuguese municipalities.

This general ranking results from the weighting of the three rankings living, visiting and business (attraction of investment. This year, Lisbon and Porto lead the general ranking and the three specific rankings.

Coimbra, Braga and Viseu complete the top 5 of the best municipalities to live. In the area of ​​tourism, Funchal, Cascais and Portimão complete the list. And in the area of ​​investment, Cascais, Vila Nova de Gaia and Coimbra follow up to fifth place.

On the other hand, Cascais, Braga and Coimbra close the top 5 overall.

Lousã and Alentejo stand out

The report cited by Lusa and the Observer highlights some municipalities for their performance compared to the previous study (2019). This is the case of Lousã, «one of the municipalities that stands out most positively compared to 2019, and the proactive interest for this municipality has a special focus on topics such as Beaches (+121%), Tourist attractions (+114%) and Natural wonders (+173%). The demand for these three themes in the tourism dimension is in line with the rise at national level in the demand for 'Rural and sustainable tourism', which in the last year also rose by 59%».

On the other hand, Alentejo stands out as «the only region in Portugal to present a volume of proactive interest higher than the previous year», which can be explained by the fact that the pandemic has led «many people to want to move away from urban areas ».

Search for a better quality of life is more evident

In this year's edition, «a clear slowdown in the demand for topics more related to tourism» was evident. On the other hand, «the demand for housing and other issues related to quality of life came to have a very special preponderance in this edition». This is because the pandemic «helped to bring more relevance to social factors that often appeared in the background».

The study also identifies a new trend of “urban exodus”, with around 73% of respondents revealing a desire not to return to a 100% face-to-face mode of work. 75% intend to travel in Portugal on their next vacation.

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